Residential proxies: ultimate overview

Contents of article:

  1. Residential geo targeted proxies: definition and application
  2. What is an IP address?
  3. Distinctions between residential and datacenter proxies
  4. Target audience of residential proxies
  5. Identifying a trusted proxy website

Dexodata is a trusted proxy website and web data gathering platform collaborating with countless end-users all over the world. We serve both individuals and companies who are in need to buy residential and mobile proxies. Obtaining and utilizing the best datacenter proxies is also not a problem.

Residential geo targeted proxies: definition and application

Our team constantly does its best to make the offerings as clear as possible. So our customers always know what they pay for, and how it functions. Let’s discuss, in practical terms, proxy servers and IP addresses, as well as the dividing lines between residential proxies and datacenter-based ones. We will also assess what type of customers need such a solution. We will also hint on identifying a reliable proxy partner to buy a residential IP.

To begin with the reasons to buy residential and mobile proxies, it is better to start with the basics. Their mission is to serve as an intermediate link between users on the one hand and the global network on the other hand. Whenever users enter the Internet, this link, as a combination of software and hardware equipment, starts to act on behalf of end-users. 

Namely, when users attempt to interact with a page and send requests, their data is sent to the page via a mediatory device. In the opposite direction, it also works the same. Data made available by a page is also accessed through an intermediary device. 

As the tech advances, proxies are making progress as well. They are getting more robust, refined, and effective. For instance, one can tune them so that they allow or restrict access to particular information. They are also of importance when it comes to:

  • Personalities' protection
  • Privacy maintenance
  • Data security
  • Defence against hacking attempts.


What is an IP address?


Before you decide to invest in buying mobile proxies and residential or, alternatively, the best datacenter proxies, it would be reasonable to fully comprehend how every IP functions. Each IP is a unique combination of digits and dots. Whenever any user accesses the Internet, they get this combination. Feel free to learn more in our blog.

With these IPs, it is easily possible for Internet Service Providers to recognize individual users and the devices they use. As an outcome, providers monitor every action taken online. Namely, one tracks logs of web pages visited, various uploaded and downloaded files, users’ location, and so on. Taken together, all these pieces of info enable providers to identify the type of your machines and portable devices, operating settings, browser settings, etc. This is sensitive data you might prefer to retain and not to share.

Indeed, it is not an insurmountable obstacle for different third parties to get access to sensitive info. For instance, in many countries service providers are obliged to gather this data and submit it to their respective governments. In addition, users in several countries have to face rules imposed by private companies and corporations.

Finally, if your company needs to harvest some data or use SEO techniques, it is likely you will get flagged. Contacting a trusted proxy website is the best remedy for these pains.


Distinctions between residential and datacenter proxies


By definition, best datacenter proxies are provided by data centers. They are not associated with a specific Internet Service Provider, but belong to the specific subnet with a particular identifier called ASN (Autonomous System Number). Many people utilize them, as they are cost-effective and reliable in tech terms. This fact notwithstanding, residential proxies might be a better alternative.

Why buy residential IP addresses?

Residential proxies captivate with a wide range of IP locations and sites' trust. While datacenter proxies are known for speed and constancy 

Residential proxies give users residential IPs. It works like this.

  1. First, those addresses are assigned by service providers to a household. More precisely, it is an IP assigned to a device of any sort, be it a cell phone, laptop, PC, tablet or router, you name it. If a person relocates to another location, they will be given new residential IPs.

  2. Second, some of these users collaborate with trusted proxy websites. In practical terms, they rent out their household IPs to external users. And if you contact Dexodata, your actual IP will be replaced with that residential IP during web surfing sessions. Websites of interest to you will be able to only recognize that household address, not yours. Under these conditions, the list of external IPs is sufficient to perform a reliable data collection procedure.

Which one is better? Nothing is good per se and requires at least a proxy free trial. It is the goal you pursue that is responsible for the ultimate evaluation.


Target audience of residential proxies


Many end-users opt to buy residential IPs when they wish to harvest website data at a large scale. Among other things, residential web solution also helps with:

  • Ad verification
  • Pricing data gathering
  • SMM optimization.

Once again, as long as residential IPs are given to machines and devices, they resemble regular users. At the same time, search engines tolerate only a limited number or requests from a particular IP. It should not be exceeded if you do not want to be blacklisted. Hence, the ideal customer who should buy residential IPs is a marketing freelancer or small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

However, there is an alternative for bigger companies called “residential rotating proxies”. With them at your disposal, it is possible to spread your outcoming requests among dozens of machines with unique identifiers.


Identifying a trusted proxy website


There are many enterprise data gathering platforms outside. Looking for a trustworthy one can pose some challenges and consume too much time. Cooperate with Dexodata to save effort. Our web data gathering ecosystem is considered as the top-notch solid partner in data extraction to buy residential IP from. We offer several pricing plans to satisfy your needs despite the business scale.

Whether you eventually choose Dexodata or not, remember to take into account the AML and KYC policies' implementation to guarantee ethical goals' achievement. Engage the assistance from the trusted proxy website to keep your sensitive data and accounts safe for reasonable pricing plans.


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