Reasons to opt for residential proxies

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  1. Trusted proxy server websites explained
  2. Reasons to apply such a remedy as proxies
  3. What are the cases for residential proxies?
  4. What makes residential proxies so special?

Dexodata, as a popular and trusted proxy website, gives both companies and individual users an opportunity to buy residential and mobile proxies as well as to try the best datacenter proxies for ad verification and other missions, even during a proxies' free trial. Our vast pools of IP addresses are always at your disposal. Today we will highlight when and why the residential type of proxy solutions may turn out to be better.

Trusted proxy server websites explained

Proxy servers are used to benefit from Internet connections with higher privacy levels. It functions as an intermediary link between the device of an end-user and the main network, i.e. WWW. Privacy is ensured, owing to the fact that the user’s address is concealed and replaced by the datacenter, mobile, residential proxy. Websites literally cannot see and recognize the end-user’s IP and implement any restrictions.


Reasons to apply such a remedy as proxies


People opt to buy mobile, residential proxies for various purposes. Hiding real IP addresses doesn’t refer to any illegal activity. In fact, trusted proxy websites stand against cyber crime and introduce KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance. There are plenty of legit use cases:

  1. To deal with different restrictions, imposed by governments and privately-owned companies. For different reasons, they either block content, or impose a ban on access to it. In addition, discrimination is practiced in terms of pricing as well. Some goods and services available globally via the Internet may cost more in the developed countries than in the developing ones, or vice versa. So geo targeted proxies can overcome this issues.
  2. To harvest data. While collecting data from webpages is not forbidden, some of them may get nervous and block you as soon as they notice too many queries.
  3. To verify digital ads on websites. One can also buy residential and mobile proxies to be able to see how ads are displayed across the globe. It is necessary, as a lot of advertising platforms and ad publishers can violate terms and conditions, add malicious content to your ads or alter the way your ads look. Proxy residential free trial is recommended to see the real picture

All these challenges can be coped with easily. Just hide your true address and pretend you are someone else. And in this role, residential proxies should be the preferred option on your list. 


What are the cases for residential proxies?


Proxies differ. There are two main classes. You can either opt for residential and mobile proxy site or prefer to use the best datacenter proxies. It is the perfect moment to scrutinize what the practical difference is, and what their potential is. You can request a residential proxy free trial if you haven’t tried Dexodata yet and prefer practice to theory. The cases are described in our Blog.

The best datacenter proxies are in demand since they heavily rely on advanced and powerful hardware. As such, they do offer greater speed and stability when it comes to Internet connection. In addition, their pools of dedicated proxy addresses are vast enough to be cheaper.

These advantages are a magnet not only for law-abiding teams and companies. Online crooks also utilize them. That is why the leading and most popular web presences and social networks have already blacklisted an enormous number of datacenter-related IPs. After all, tackling them is not a big deal for Internet giants. 

That is exactly why you will win more trust if you buy residential and mobile proxies. Any residential address is given to ordinary end-users, i.e. households, by their Internet service providers. In turn, these residents are ready to share their addresses for reward. Residential IPs may belong to:

  • Desktops (PC)
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Routers.

Residential or datacenter proxies, what to choose?

Residential proxies are based on IP addresses of LAN-connected and wireless Wi-Fi-connected devices

With Dexodata, you obtain instant and convenient access to a widely dispersed amount of residential addresses covering destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and both Americas. And the best is that, with any of those addresses, your chances of getting blacklisted are insignificant. More information on cheap social media proxies of all three types is available in the Blog.


What makes residential proxies so special?


These threats are enormously low due to NAT technology. The trick is that there can not be and will never be enough IPv4 addresses for all the Internet users. There are around 4 billion of them. 

Hence, large groups of Internet users have to access the Net through the same address. NAT technology makes it possible: ISPs assign their unique addresses to users, their internal addresses are then translated into a single public address. And a single public IPv4 address may contain hundreds of users. As a result, it will be hard for site owners and admins to understand who you are among them. One can buy residential rotating proxies based on modern IPv6 protocol. But it also uses NAT-inspired technology for subnets.

The connection is organized through the backconnect proxies. You buy single proxy access, while a backconnect proxy automatically changes IP. On command sent via API or manually, by pressing a button in the main menu of the trusted proxy website. We provide both protocol-typed IPs, including residential and IPv6 best mobile proxy IP networks.

All website teams know this fact. That is why they do not even attempt to stand against residential proxies. 

  1. First, these measures, inevitably, can be deemed to be useless. 
  2. Second, with all certainty, they are counterproductive. Blacklisting a dedicated web address will result in restrictions for other end-users sharing one IP address with a shady customer.

Appeal to Dexodata for a reasonable buying. Proxy will bring benefits immediately due to an instant access. Dynamic proxy free trial is available for new users, as well as reasonable pricing plans.


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