Sneakers and proxies

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  1. Sneaker bots and footsite proxies
  2. How to get and apply the best proxies for footsites
  3. Advice on sneaker proxies

Sneakers are a real cult nowadays. Expectedly, it is hard to buy them. No matter who you are: a sportswear fan, a collector or a reseller. Manufacturers release a limited batch only, so the odds are against an unprepared customer. All the pairs are sold out within minutes and even seconds. That is when geo targeted proxies from Dexodata, the trusted proxy website with different applications, come to the rescue. As we described earlier, one should buy residential IP, datacenter or mobile. And — get a free proxy trial.

Sneaker bots and footsite proxies

Automation is the key to success if you face limited supply and enormous demand. A properly configured algorithm assumes responsibility for ordering your dream pair of sneakers ASAP instead of you.

There is no shortage of such tools on the Web, as there are solutions for particular brands as Nike, Adidas, etc. You can use bots to purchase sneakers from popular e-commerce projects, e.g. Shopify.

Is there a thing which unites all the techniques described above? Yes. Every customer needs geo targeted proxies to apply them properly. 

There are three problems here capable of ruining the efforts.

  1. First, many e-commerce shops limit the amount of sneaker pairs a single buyer is allowed to purchase.
  2. Second, even if you intend to buy just one pair, the site you are addressing is likely to recognize automated activities. Flagged as suspicious, these actions may lead to the account or connection loss.
  3. Third, footsites may hold a sale for residents of a single country discriminating against users of other localities and areas. If you reside in such a place, you are unlucky unless you find intermediary servers to connect.

Trusted proxy websites, such as Dexodata, operate the IP pools in 100+ countries and support any of applied software with rotating IP addresses. Here are some factors to consider in this respect.  


How to get and apply the best proxies for footsites


All the three options are available on our data gathering platform. One chooses residential, datacenter or mobile network proxies, and combines them at its sole discretion. When it comes to sneaker hunting, it is better to focus on testing options before purchasing, as connections may tend to be more or less reliable for your case. We provide a free proxy trial to check the settings, while our client support offers consultations via messengers and social media.

But most important, Dexodata team proposes these hints on how to use obtained IPs within your unique framework: 

  • In case the e-commerce platform is notable for its high standards in terms of anti-spam or anti-cheat safeguards, opt for residential footsite proxies.
  • The same applies to multitasking situations. Whenever an individual or company needs to resolve several tasks on an e-commerce website, residential best proxies for footsites are also a direction to go.
  • Sometimes speed is everything, especially if the collection sought after is in high demand. Datacenter ports by trusted proxy websites proxies are a match when one is to place a speedy order.
  • If your algorithm has to be active and alert for an extended space of time, whitelisted datacenter proxies are helpful. But make sure they are rotating ones. 

Finally, if cost-efficiency is your primary concern, and you are ready to tolerate some risks to save money, once again, opt for datacenter best footsite proxies.


Advice on sneaker proxies


The closer you are to your goal, the higher is your chance to succeed. Learn more about the target footsite and its sneaker releases to purchase access to the most relevant IP pool. Choose from 1000+ geolocations all over the globe and rotate external IP as often as needed with no extra charge.

As long as you are ready to spend money on sneakers, be ready to invest in individual geo targeted proxies as well. Dexodata is the trusted proxy website that strongly discourages you from considering only datacenter proxies the best option. It is not even about speed and privacy. It is about convinience and effectiveness that depends on the particular case. Take into account factors of geolocation, number of private details required, etc. to keep safe, and better apply the best proxies for footsites for reasonable prices.

Check our data gathering platform instead. If you are a new user, you are entitled to the free proxy trial period. Register and start hunting for sneakers. All our footsite proxies are KYC-compliant, whitelisted, and reliable. Have a good hunt for your favorite pair!


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