Market research with proxies

Contents of article:

  1. Market research overview
  2. Data harvesting
  3. Residential proxies
  4. Residential proxies vs Datacenter proxies

Running a successful business is almost impossible without proper knowledge of your market niche and target groups. These are prerequisites for an adequate strategy. At the same time, effective market research requires privacy and automated approaches. In this piece, Dexodata will tell you about market research and why you should buy residential IP or mobile address for it.

Market research overview 

There are a lot of different yet affordable tools for market research. With them at your disposal, you can obtain such valuable figures as:

  • Public perception data;
  • Consumers and their preferences;
  • Competitors, their offerings and prices;
  • Keyword research, etc.

Having this data is a must for success.


Data harvesting


Data harvesting is a process of collecting needed information from different resources in an automated way. Dexodata, as a trusted proxy website, is compatible with the Data as a Service concept, and also allows users who buys residential IPs to collect available relevant data. Here is what our ecosystem can help you overcome.

Website owners dislike when someone collects data from their resources. Hence, they apply different methods to prevent such activities. If they detect that there are too many requests coming from your IP address over a short time, they will simply blacklist it. On top of that, you can be redirected to a fake website with false information. 

Buying residential and mobile proxies is a way to cope with these challenges.


Residential proxies


Proxies enable users to hide their actual IP address behind a different one. While using them, websites can only see your proxy’s IP. In this case, the risk of being blacklisted is much lower.

Residential proxies have proven themselves as very efficient tools for data harvesting and market research. This is mainly because they disguise the user's IP in a way that targeted websites do not view as suspicious. Behind any residential proxy, there is a particular device (PC or mobile one). When users buy residential rotating proxies, they get geo located Web access.  

How does trusted proxy website help harvest reliable data and collect statistics

Proxy utilization assists in improving market metrics

This device belongs to an ordinary person and is connected to the net via an IP-address assigned by a local Internet Service Provider. Buy residential IP addresses from a trusted proxy website to hide your real IP behind it. Owing to the NAT technology and its benefits, the following positive outcomes are almost guaranteed:

  1. Firstly, websites do not see any suspicious activity in your actions, as they see IP addresses that belong to real people.
  2. Besides, even when websites see some growing traffic, they will not find is suspicious as well.
  3. Finally, even if a website identifies harvesting, it will not take any actions. Due to the NAT technology, multiple users use the same external address. Blacklisting at least one of them means blacklisting all of them simultaneously.

In addition to residential proxies, we also offer backconnect proxies. Via this technology, we can automatically change proxies and connect your to them at a certain moment of time or with every new session. It will create an extra layer of security.


Residential proxies vs datacenter proxies


Datacenter proxies are more common and cheaper than residential proxies, that is why they are a bit more popular. However, using them for market research is a bad idea. Numerous datacenter IPs have already been red flagged by websites. Therefore, there is a high probability that if you try to harvest any information using a datacenter proxy, you will get blacklisted. So the decision to buy residential IP seems reasonable.

If you need any information about residential, datacenter or other types of proxies for your market research campaigns, feel free to contact us. Dexodata is available 24/7. Every day, we provide our users with non-stop access to a wide pool of residential proxies, as a top-ranked trusted proxy website. You can be sure that our uptime is close to 99.99%. Currently, we provide our users with cheap social media proxies located in Canada, Chile, Germany, France, Finland, Belarus, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. Whatever your reason might be to buy residential and mobile proxies, our ecosystem is your direction to go. Reach out to our support service for expert-level advice if you have any questions. 


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