How to choose effective residential proxies: comprehensive guide

Contents of article:

  1. Why buy residential rotating proxies?
  2. Generating business value with proxies
  3. Where to get workable residential proxies?

Dexodata, a trusted proxy website and advanced data collection ecosystem, offers to buy residential and mobile proxies because of the NAT technology protecting them from sites’ excessive curiosity. Concurrently with them, the best datacenter proxies can also be bought. 

Our aim is to give cost-effective and convenient-to-use enterprise data gathering infrastructures to both individuals and companies. So that they can unleash the full business and tech potential of geo targeted proxies, including static and rotating ones.

Why buy residential rotating proxies?

All main types of proxy servers are made use of as a sort of bridge linking users’ machines and portable devices to the destination server. In other words, they function as a route processing data flows. Their key task is to get a user's request, process it, and send further to the server. The answer is sent back and redirected to the initial agent. The data collected like that has features immanent to the intermediate IP, its geolocation and type. 

There are multiple types, and all of them are helpful for particular use cases. This piece is intended to prove that residential proxies are versatile for most cases. In spite of the fact that their connection speed can be slower and price can be higher, in comparison with the best datacenter proxies, they are still a more advantageous direction when it comes to the typical purposes.

Residential proxy offerings are mainly associated with B2C-level Internet service providers selling various internet connection plans to households, i.e. individuals and families living in residential areas. Their IP addresses are regarded as households’ computers and portable devices. The addresses from domestic internet service providers are enhanced with special network software to combine an infrastructure.It is a total win-win situation for all the parties involved: 

  1. Common users continue to utilize their Wi-Fi networks as usual and get rewarded for their participation. 
  2. Trusted proxy websites build IP pools combined into an enterprise data gathering infrastructure covering the globe and accessible everywhere.
  3. Individual and corporate clients leverage the described ecosystem to extract publicly available data in a transparent and ethical way. Today the full compliance with AML and KYC policies is commonly accepted along with following applicable laws and regulations.


Generating business value with proxies 


Why would a company need a residential IP from another region? Being a law-abiding trusted proxy website, with a rich experience in answering the frequent questions about our infrastructure, we have also asked our clients several questions in return. We were interested in the way business members intend to use our solutions for obtaining online insights at scale. The typical needs are as follows: 

  • Data harvesting for marketing purposes that implies collecting enormous volumes of marketing metrics and products' details in an automated mode, and therefore send multiple queries to chosen web pages frequently. This may result in obstruction of acquiring information from the side of the target server. Buying residential and mobile proxies serves to requests' distribution and a seamless connection.
  • Accessing reliable insights. Info collected with residential IPs is geographically determined, which is necessary for conducting particular markets and audiences. Automated parsing algorithms search for crucial information analyzing JavaScript, HTML, XML, etc. Our geo targeted proxies are located in more than a hundred countries with the ability to pick a pool within a city, ISP or ASN.
  • Dealing with price distribution. Enterprises pursue different pricing policies in diverse regions. To be aware of it means being capable of finding the most beneficial areas for procurements or sales. Ecosystems for collecting and processing online info are a powerful tool to benefit from the best conditions and available prices.
  • Digital marketing and verification of digital ads. Marketers have every right to be concerned about how their ads and creatives are shown. Banners, pop-ups, reels, etc. must be adjusted properly to different target audiences, web platforms, and OS’s. It is not only a matter of brand consistency. Some advertising platforms may be playing foul and distort statistics. The objective CTR, ROI, conversion and other metrics are acquired via the residential IP addresses.
  • SMM agencies need to manage multiple accounts from a single location within a particular social media. However, involving prospects through Facebook posts, looking for influencers to collaborate or maintaining multiple accounts in a related sphere requires separate connections through the web intermediaries. A number of dynamic addresses suit perfectly allowing to set up the frequency and terms for changing external IP.


Where to get workable residential proxies?


To begin with, one should always keep in mind that residential and mobile IPs are normally not as affordable as even the best datacenter proxies. On the other hand, data centers are capable of providing higher speed connection and sustainability. The best way is to opt for a Dexodata trusted proxy website with all mentioned IP types available and an experienced client support.

How to choose the best residential proxies?

One needs to consider plenty of aspects choosing the best residential proxy 

Here is a checklist to apply during the selection:

  1. Make sure to scan available reviews and customer feedback via reputable sources.
  2. Verify whether your potential enterprise data gathering infrastructure of choice has already been operating for some time, with no major complaints.
  3. Make sure to buy residential and mobile proxies maintained on ethical and legit basis. Most importantly, check out whether there are KYC and AML policies in place. For instance, if a data collection ecosystem asks you questions about what you are going to do with provided access, it is a good sign of security measures applied and possible assistance provided.

There is a useful trick to test your online data extraction ecosystem. Simply run a background check. Randomly select one of the addresses assigned to you and try to find it in one of the following registers:

  1. RIPE for European IPs
  2. ARIN for your projects targeted on the US
  3. MaxMind, to utilize an entire range of IP intelligence services.

Once you find your residential IP address in the aforementioned sources, your business partner in web data collection is ok and legit. Alternatively, you can save time and implement geo targeted proxies by Dexodata. Check for the actual pricing plans, consult the Client support, and pay-as-you-go or obtain a limited traffic’s package. The best possible results are guaranteed.


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