Power of geo targeted proxies: unlocking a world of SEO insights

Contents of article:

  1. Why buy residential and mobile proxies for SEO?
  2. What SEO tools are used in 2023?
  3. How do SEO proxies improve common tools?

The internet is a global sphere containing billions of users and intermediate nodes, as well as thousands of petabytes and exabytes of data to meet every human demand. The objective to stay afloat and be visible among similar manufacturers and performers is the main goal for marketologists and web developers. Their efforts are united into a multi-disciplinary process called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The following material aims to clarify the role of geo targeted proxies in the developing and adjusting SEO strategies to the needs of a constantly changing market. As an ecosystem designed for acquiring and processing online insights, Dexodata provides the best proxies for SEO.

Why buy residential and mobile proxies for SEO?

The modern SEO market has reached $70 billion on the global level and keeps growing, according to the statistics revealed in Research and Markets’ report. The constant development is explained by the average growth of internet markets and the increasing complexity of algorithms search engines utilize to rank online resources.

The main objective is to attract the maximum attention of internet searching machines by Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. etc. The challenge is to raise the amount of organic traffic, as opposed to the traffic gained through paid advertisements.

SEO proxies are placed in the system of optimization techniques as middle-boxes establishing an uninterrupted process of collecting accurate current information. Search engines measure both the structure of promoted web pages and their internal content. That leads to the conventional division of methods applied into technical and creative.

The technical forms of SEO improvement include the adjustment of site’s architecture:

  • Number of sections
  • Footers and headers
  • URL structure
  • Sitemap
  • Sidebar
  • Call-to-action elements, and more.

These actions require work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies.  Proxies for SEO are useful during the initial development and current optimization for testing internet pages on different platforms and devices.

Creative ways to improve site’s ranks are generating demanded and interesting content, organizing backlinks, raising awareness of the target audience through the third-party channels, etc.


What SEO tools are used in 2023?


Software for SEO needs represents a complex system capable of handling numerous operations. Among them are:

  1. Page audit 
  2. Keyword research
  3. Rank tracking
  4. Backlink analysis
  5. Competitor research
  6. Content optimization 
  7. Social media analysis
  8. Reports creating.

How to improve SEO practices with geo targeted proxies

Methods of applying SEO tools

The list of specialized solutions include Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz and others. They mostly support integration with SEO dedicated proxies. Intermediate IP addresses are intended to enhance the quality of gathered analytical material and raise the amount of conversions affecting the total revenue.


How do SEO proxies improve common tools?


The best rotating proxies for SEO are leveraged to conduct competitor research for identifying areas of opportunity and developing effective strategies. However, traditional tools have certain limitations that make it challenging to obtain accurate and comprehensive information about rivals.

One of the main constraints is inability to provide localized data. Number of SEO tools operate on a global level, which means that the insights they provide don’t accurately reflect the performance of rival pages or their online presence in a specific geographic region. For instance, a business that targets customers in a specific city or region may not be able to obtain accurate data about competitors' rankings or traffic in that area. The best SEO proxies are bound to particular geolocations. When you buy SEO proxies by Dexodata, you obtain immediate access to IP pools in more than hundred countries with the ability to choose a city, ISP, ASN or mobile carrier.

Another impediment is the reliance of default tools on publicly available data. While there is a wealth of information provided online, not all of it is accessible from your geolocation. Competitors may use private or proprietary data sources to gain an advantage. Geo targeted proxies equals the chances of granting access to any web insights.

Enterprises and individuals bypass the limited functionality with proxies. SEO solutions have limitations in terms of the scope of information they provide. While tools like Google Analytics serve detailed info about website traffic and user behavior, they may not provide understanding of:

  1. Rival social media strategy
  2. Advertising campaigns
  3. Non-website based marketing efforts. 

This limits the overall effectiveness of competitor research or analysis, and makes it difficult to develop a comprehensive strategy. We grant free SEO proxies for tests without restrictions on geolocations or number of ports. Full compatibility with every solution on the market is given, just as prompt technical advice on set up for software by your choice.

Finally, SEO tools from the box may not be able to offer real-time data. Some types of software operate on a delayed schedule. It means that the data they provide may not be up-to-date or relevant to current market conditions. This restrains the company’s ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketing landscape and results in missed opportunities. The solution is to utilize Dexodata private proxies. SEO intelligence acquired through IPs with specific geolocation is full and accurate.

The reliable ecosystem of harvesting and processing data at scale is essential for monitoring advertisement campaigns and social media presence of competitors, researching keywords, and developing link building strategies. Do not google “SEO proxies”, resort to geo targeted proxies from Dexodata instead. Contact Client support, get free access to the reliable IP addresses, and gain a competitive SEO advantage.


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