Why it is hard to collect data via API with best Instagram proxies

Contents of article:

  1. Reasons to collect data from Instagram and to purchase Instagram proxies
  2. What is Instagram scraping?
  3. How web scraping API works with proxies for social networks
  4. What are the difficulties of Instagram API scraping?
  5. Role of Dexodata social media proxies

Data-driven world assigns a valuable role to collection publicly available online information in 2023. From competitive analysis to market research and AI-based decision-making, the ability to access and analyze web insights has become a game-changer. Mobile app scraping with the best instagram proxies is one of the most valued procedures. The business necessity to buy residential and mobile proxies is covered by Dexodata and other ecosystems for obtaining and processing web data at enterprise level. But there are other challenges to overcome. Today we will take a look at the issues occurring during the extraction of crucial knowledge from Instagram.

Reasons to collect data from Instagram and to purchase Instagram proxies

The mentioned social network has almost 2.5 million active users in 2023, and almost half a billion of them are located in India, the US, and Brazil, as found by the Statista monitoring tools. When you purchase Instagram proxies, you are able to achieve the following goals:

  1. Identifying the most trendy keywords and trends capable of informing the prospects of your goods or services
  2. Performing balanced and well-considered marketing strategies to raise leads and conversion rates on official websites
  3. Researching the aspects that can be implemented with AI-powered tools in managing social media
  4. Choosing the most suitable and credible influencers for further cooperation
  5. Targeting audiences in specific regions
  6. Staying aware of competitors' actions and moves
  7. Obtaining customer reviews and reactions for further improvements and business decision-making. 

The last tendencies include two main methods of acquiring information from apps and websites, web scraping via HTML code and API. Each technique has its own strengths and weaknesses in data collection. The thing they have in common is a demand to buy Instagram proxies to optimize expenditures, time, and human resources.


What is Instagram scraping?


Web scraping itself is automated data harvesting of commercially important online details. The new LLM-improved AI-models even allow to collect internet insights without special coding skills. The code generated by ChatGPT, OpenAI Codex, Copilot, etc. can be implemented into API or HTML-oriented solutions.

API stands for “application programming interface”, it is a set of commanding rules for different software and frameworks to understand each other and operate successfully, speaking in general terms. The rules may vary, the most common methods are REST API and the GraphQL language. They both rely on smooth cooperation of every element, including intermediate nodes responsible for uninterrupted searching and obtaining info. Our data collection & management infrastructure supports automation through the API commands, that is why the best place to buy proxies for Instagram is the Dexodata official website. Utilizing HTTP one can automatically:

  • Create new ports and remove outdated
  • Choose countries, ISPs, ASNs, mobile carriers for geo targeted exploration
  • Top up balance and calculate prices
  • Change external IP addresses with every new connection, at intervals, forcibly, etc.

Our IPs are compatible with Instagram tools, including API, and any software for gaining internet insights.


How web scraping API works with proxies for social networks


The main element API uses for interaction with target resources is a call, a command that establishes an online tunnel between your machine and a needed content via URL. To guarantee the reliability and relevance of gained datasets one needs to buy residential and mobile proxies. Also, we act in full compliance with KYC and AML policies, which is crucial for retrieving information in an ethical and legal way. It means the user should:

  1. Avoid any collection or leverage of personally identifiable data
  2. Respect the rules prescribed by the publicly available “robots.txt” file
  3. Make no harm, such as duplication or damage, to the main mechanisms of the service itself and its algorithms
  4. Implement a headless browser, whenever possible
  5. Utilize official API, such as Instagram Graph API in our case.

The strong points of API include the possibility to harvest info strictly from the interested site’s sections avoiding numerous HTTP requests to prevent overloading the source. We provide geo targeted proxies, Instagram-oriented 3G/4G mobile and residential IP addresses with dynamic rotation within a selected country, city, and provider. They are applied to reaching particular target audiences, increasing the relevance and validity of harvested info, evaluation of ads' accessibility on multiple platforms, etc. 

Challenges with Instagram API scraping via residential and mobile proxies

Scheme of data harvesting from Instagram

The API method is highly selective, which is great for optimizing the time and traffic consumed during the procedure. Especially, when it comes to frameworks designed and approved by the source developers. These tools refer directly to the site passing over the mandatory authorization and exempt researchers from inconveniences caused by defensive algorithms.


What are the difficulties of Instagram API scraping?


API is a convenient and resource-efficient approach for data extraction at corporate levels. But there are still some obstacles that need to be overcome during the session at your best. Instagram proxies are recommended for application anyway. Among these factors we can name:

  • The sufficient level of skills and knowledge needed, such as awareness of API codes and parameters.

  • Batch size limitations revealed empirically, this factor inevitably slows down data acquisition process. This reduced pace hampers a company's ability to react to market shifts swiftly, limiting capacity to pivot and proactively adjust strategies in light of evolving trends.

  • Requirements to buy Instagram proxies. The most preferable are mobile and residential IP addresses, as they are the most trustworthy due to the NAT technology.

  • Instagram Graph API limitations, e.g. its suitability for the business accounts' examination.

  • Outdated facts and numbers. API refers to the cache of the webpage, so the latest updates may not be covered. While the issue is crucial for stock quotes or air tickets, the socials’ content and trends are less susceptible.

  • Limitations imposed on the number of active sessions a user can run simultaneously. Imagine the need to scan hundreds or even thousands of site’s sections to maintain a competitive edge. But if you know how to use Instagram proxies and headless browsers, the problem is solvable.

  • Number of API calls permitted within a given time frame. Aspiring to uncover the newest trends and consumer behavior through data analysis, one faces limitations in freely monitoring social media. The user should meticulously curate target data, optimize batch sizes to work within the prescribed call limits.


Role of Dexodata social media proxies


Enterprises optimize their API scraping techniques and leverage real-time data to gain a competitive advantage. It is done by recognizing and addressing these challenges head-on. One of the most effective strategies to overcome the mentioned obstacles is to empower businesses with the best proxies for Instagram by Dexodata.

Our platform was designed for ethical web data harvesting and analyzing, with binding of particular geolocations. We operate IP pools in more than a hundred countries. Users buying residential and mobile proxies can be sure that they get fully functional dynamic IPs with ultimate API methods support. Have a free trial access to overcome any challenges on Instagram API scraping successfully and cover the needs in SEO, marketing, partnership or other business needs.


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