Origins of ethical proxies from Dexodata

Contents of article:

  1. Ethical guidelines associated with trusted proxy websites
  2. How Dexodata’s ethical proxy ecosystem obtains proxies and sells them

Dexodata takes pride in our status as an ethical trusted proxy website with whitelisted, properly sourced geo targeted proxies, as well as available geo targeted proxy free trial options for newcomers. A deliberate policy of ethical proxy accumulation works. Such a position, along with other obvious advantages, turns Dexodata into a partner of choice for countless organizations. Here one can learn what ethics means in our day-to-day dealings.

Key distinctions between datacenter proxies and geo targeted residential IPs or mobile proxies must be examined first. When the second type gets involved, it supposes activation of physical portable devices as proxy nodes rerouting user traffic. Ethical trusted proxy websites must secure transparency throughout all these legit processes.

Ethical guidelines associated with trusted proxy websites

Concerning ethical functioning, four pillars are at play:

  1. Informed consent principle dictates that gadget owners shall be aware of their participation in trusted geo targeted proxies’ networks and explicitly agree to Dexodata’s conditions. Our ethical techniques ensure that all pool participants are well-briefed and accept the terms, enabling us to acquire IP addresses openly.
  2. GDPR compliance outlines how sites, trusted proxy websites included, protect individuals from cybercrime and leaks, guarding digital identities, privacy, rights, etc. Ethical proxy providers must adhere, providing for customers’ safety. At Dexodata, we are GDPR-compliant, following all stipulations.
  3. Freedom of abandoning at any moment mandates that IP supply partakers have options to decide whether they want to leave proxy platforms. Instant opt-out opportunities, at sole discretion, go without saying.
  4. Reciprocal benefits imply that all stakeholders get profits from proxy providers’ operations. While vendors gain geo targeted IPs, system contributors receive well-deserved rewards.

Ethical trusted proxy websites defined and described


How Dexodata’s ethical proxy ecosystem obtains proxies and sells them 


Pursuing ethical technology business approaches, Dexodata routines encompass:

  • Manually verifying each residential, mobile, datacenter IP added within our global pool of geo targeted proxies from 100+ countries.
  • Making parties definitively confirm their informed voluntariness.
  • Giving participants leverage to quit with ease, deleting personal details (the info we might retain is defined by laws).

Another ethical priority is about making us a trusted IP one-stop-shop where buyers apply authentic proxies to lawful purposes only:

  1. We maintain rigorous KYC/AML verification procedures for people or entities interested in utilizing our proxy packages.
  2. Once a customer is onboarded, we employ robust AI-based monitoring systems to ensure their usage aligns with stated use cases, e.g. public info collection, geo targeted ad checks, e-commerce price comparison.
  3. We run frequent manual examinations in case abnormal scenarios, directions, figures are detected.

Our ethical trusted proxy website sees its mission in setting high standards, moving ourselves, niches, purchasers, and sellers closer towards the best proxy practices, with strengthened law-abiding clarity. You can see it for yourself by registering, requesting Dexodata's proxy free trial, going through authorization, and testing geo targeted proxy solutions. SMM activities, data harvesting, SEO efforts, retail research, marketing campaigns, etc. will go swift, streamlined, preserved, executed via ethical proxies at boosted levels.


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